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Dec. 2023 -- Merry Christmas and A very Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family. We love our new wood floors in family room, kitchen, and foyer!  God bless you all!
Owen and Pat B.
Bel Air, MD
Oct. 2023 -- Recommendation for Dan Floor Refinishing job at my home: Professional, communicates clearly, and wonderful workmanship. Dan takes the time to educate his customers and will tell you his honest opinion, even if you do not want to hear it = a very rare quality in any Tradesman. His prices are reasonable and affordable for the service he delivers. MY HOUSE IS NEARLY 100 YEARS OLD. The floors have been sanded many times during this time frame. DAN IS THE FIRST PERSON to refinish the floor under the radiators. ALSO Dan offers another SERVICE - if you keep on eye on your floors and contact Dan before the coat of polyurethane wears through the 3rd coat, Dan can come to your house and "buff" (take a little bit of Poly off your floor) and re-apply one or two coats of Poly. Saves you a lot of $$$$$$. AND if you only need the "worn paths" buffed and Poly re-applied - you can move the furniture to the sides of the rooms- ****cover your furniture with plastic*** - and have the floor restored to a like-new condition. [This is especially helpful if you cannot ever again sand your floors.] Dust - Dan's taping routine will keep dust out of your house (except for the 6" of floor nearest the taping job and on the floor). He uses high quality painters tape to minimize the chance that your ceiling or woodwork will be damaged. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR - Buy a microfiber duster (about 15-18 in.:long) attach a 5 ft wooden handle to it and after the first coat of polyurethane dries and before Dan comes back - DUST ALL THE PLASTIC, THE TOP OF ANYTHING (EX. A FIREPLACE) AND THE FLOOR. The micro fiber head can be *bent* to do the ceiling = it will hold the shape you put it in. Shake out duster frequently - Plan on an hour to do this. After the last coat of Poly, dust the plastic, the top of the fire place or any other flat surface, the ceiling, the walls and the floor last. You will save yourself or your house cleaner a lot of work if you do this, since the dust will not go into the rest of your house. Dan is absolutely correct - there is no such thing as "dustless system", This is especially true, **IF** you have the perspective of a woman who cleans her own house or a professional house cleaner.. Yes, some equipment has much less dust, but no equipment is dustless.
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